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Tompkins Tools

This tool will help avoid most catches turners experience from using a "standard" skew chisel. Professional woodturner and teacher Keith Tompkins came up with this design to help students be more successful when learning to turn. He found that even experienced woodturners benefited from using the V-Skew.

The spear point design has a gentle curve to the cutting edge with a point at the end. The lower edges have been radiused to allow the tool to slide on the tool rest smoothly without marring it. This allows for making perfect smoothing cuts and rolling beads on spindle work with less fear of getting a catch.

The V-Skew can be used on the outside of faceplate work as a shear scraper to perfect the finish. Positioned flat on the tool rest, the point of the tool can be used to make roughing cuts or decorative v-grooves. Flip the tool over with the bevel facing upwards and it can be used as a negative rake scraper.

The Tompkins V-Skew is made of 1/4" thick M2 high speed steel and is available in 1/2" and 3/4" widths. The blade measures 6-1/2" and comes fitted with a 10-1/2" Ash Handle with brass ferrule. The tool is easily sharpened using a diamond hone on the top face of the tool. Instructions for using and sharpening the tool are included.

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