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Bloxygen - Finish Preserver

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    Don't you hate it when you go to use a finishing product only to find that it has skinned over or is too thick to use. The oxygen left in the container from the last time you used it has caused the remaining finish to be worthless.

    Bloxygen is an ultra pure Argon Gas that displaces the remaining oxygen in the can, preventing from "spoiling" the finishing material. Each can holds enough gas to treat about 75 quarts of finish, making this product a wise investment. Bloxygen can be used with any product that will react with air making it great for use with varnishes, salad bowl finish, oil based paint, oil based stains, liquid dyes, polyurethane and more. It will not work with water based finishes or Lacquer. Bloxygen will pay for itself with savings in finishing supplies.