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3" Repl Buff-Green (180)
    3" Repl Buff-Green (180)
    Purchase 3" Repl Buff-Green (180)
    • SKU: 129330R
      3" Repl Buff-Green (180)

    • $10.95


    These 3" diameter replacement Buffing Balls are made from non-woven material and impregnated with abrasive. They are great for working inside and outside of bowls and are available in four grits:

    180 (Green), 320 (Maroon), 600 (Grey) and White (Non-Abrasive). The White is used for polishing to a gloss sheen and applying wax. The shaft is held in a 1/4" or larger drill chuck.

    Each buff is made up of 10 wavy edged layers of non-woven material held together on a 3-1/2" shaft. Overall length is 5". When worn from use, the buff material can be flipped over to double the life and when worn out, replaced with new material.