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Colt Maxi Cut Forstner Bits

These special forstner bits from Colt, are the latest in forstner bit design. They cut extremely fast and clean into end grain and face grain. Because the single tooth per side design of their cutting rim, these bits generate less friction and heat during use for longer tool life and are easier to sharpen when needed. They also feature a self cutting center point to reduce friction, increasing the feed rate of the bit. Notches on the internal cutting edge (sizes 3/4" and larger) act as chip breakers to produce smaller shavings. This makes it easier to drill deeper holes without clogging and to penetrate the wood more easily than other forstner bits. The Maxi Cut Bits are made of high speed steel to hold an edge longer than the competition. These bits also have a specially designed shank to keep them from slipping in a drill chuck. This keeps the shank from being damaged and also allows them to be used in the Rotastop Extensions and Morse Taper Holders.

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