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24K Slimline Kits

The Slimline Pen snd Pencil kits have high quality parts and a clip with a distinctive black stripe. The external parts are all 24 karat gold plated and epoxy protected, providing a look of elegance and durability to the finished pen. The ball point of the pen extends and retracts by twisting the top of the pen 3/4 turn and locks in the open position. The pencil klead is advanced with a click mechanism. The Slimline Pen Kit requires a 7mm Drill Bit and uses standard Cross refills. These Kits are turned using our Standard Mandrel.

Bushings: This project is turned with the bushings that are included with the pen mandrels we offer. No additional bushings are required. We offer replacement bushings to use if your mandrel's bushings are lost or worn down. Only one set of bushings are needed for many kits.

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