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Pen Wizard and Accessories

The Pen Wizard is a stand-alone ornamental lathe developed to create novel and interesting patterns on pens, pencils and other projects that are turned on a pen mandrel. It is capable of producing hundreds of different patterns and textures. These include spirals, grooves for inlay, straight fluting and plain polygonal barrels with as many as twenty-four flats. Normally used in conjunction with a standard lathe, it can also follow simple patterns of concave and convex curves.

The Pen Wizard requires a rotary cutting tool such as a Dremel™ or Foredom™ (not included). The Pen Wizard is assembled in Ohio and with the exception of a few small standard components, is made in the U.S.A. Metal parts are mostly made of nickel plated steel to prevent rusting. The plastic parts are of Delrin™, acrylic, or PDE which has been accurately cut by CNC lasers or routers.

Though the Pen Wizard has been tested extensively during the several years, we believe that only a fraction of its potential has been explored. Only your imagination and ingenuity will limit what can be accomplished with the Pen Wizard.

Included with the Pen Wizard are one Standard Type A 7mm Pen Mandrel, instructions and a detailed DVD explaining its use. Basic pen making tips are also included. The wooden base is not included with the Pen Wizard.

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