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Carter and Son Tools

This family owned business in Seattle was set into motion when Paul Carter asked his father if he could make a better turning tool. With 30 years of experience in metallurgy and engineering, his father set out to design and manufacture premium turning tools that rival the tools currently available on the market. All the Carter and Son Tools are made in the USA of M42 high speed steel that has 10% Cobalt content. A custom triple tempering process is used to achieve a hardness of 68HRC. This makes the tools hard enough for superior edge holding and tough enough to stand up to the demands of turning wet or dry wood. All the tools are hand polished and ground at the factory to an extremely sharp edge that is ready to use. Carter and Son tools are available unhandled or with their unique aluminum handle with adaptors that allow one handle to be used with any tool. The handles are made from solid 6061 aircraft quality aluminum and bored to 3/4" to fit the adaptor needed. All gouges are sized by the diameter of the steel used to make the tool.