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Ellsworth Tools

David Ellsworth first developed the use of bent tools in turning thin wall hollow forms in 1975. These tools are made by David for turning hollow forms that measure up to 10" x 10" depending on the the skill of the turner. The tools come in a straight or bent version. The straight is used for initial hollowing, followed by the bent tool to widen the cut out to the sides. Both tools are made of 9/16" by 12" drill rod. The cutters are glued into the end of the shank with CA glue. Each tool comes with an extra cutter standard. The cutters are made of high speed steel with 10% Cobalt. The straight tool has a 1/4" square cutter, while the angled tool has a 3/16" square cutter. Both tools come unhandled. Instructions for basic use, sharpening and making a handle are included.