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Taylor Stay Sharp M42 Tools

  • M42 HSS Stays Sharp up to 3X Longer than M2 HSS
  • Hones to a sharper edge than Powder Metals
  • Bowl Gouges have a parabolic flute for better cutting and chip ejection
  • Comes ready to use, sharpen easily when needed
  • Double bevel on bowl gouges gives more maneuverability inside of bowls
  • Double bevel on spindle gouges for better tool access
  • Comes fitted with 16" Ash Handle with red ferrule
  • Made by Henry Taylor Tools

The Stay Sharp M42 will take a very sharp edge and hold it up to 3 times longer than M2 high speed steel. They take a sharper edge than powder metals and can be easily honed to an extremely sharp edge. Grinding can be done with white aluminum oxide or CBN grinding wheels. Made by Henry Taylor Tools.

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