Nova Dovetail Jaws

Nova Small Dovetail Jaws

The 25mm (1") and 35mm (1-3/8") Dovetail Jaws are designed for making small bowls, finials or holding one end of small spindles to reduce vibration. They are great for use on mini/midi lathes. They can hold work too small for Jaws that come with the Nova Chucks.

Nova 50mm Dovetail Jaws

The 50mm Dovetail Jaws (shown on chucks) come standard with all Nova chucks. They are versatile all round jaws to get you started, before moving on to more specialized jaws. They are able to handle both bowl work and smaller hollow form projects.

Nova 75mm Dovetail Jaws

Not for use on the Precision Midi Chuck.

The 75mm Dovetail Jaws have deeper grip with serrations to cut into the wood when contracting on a spigot. The outer walls that are three times the thickness of conventional jaws, and are great for securely holding larger workpieces forms.

Nova 100mm and 130mm Dovetail Jaws

Both of these jaws should only be used only on the SuperNova2 or Titan2 Chucks.

The 100mm Dovetail Jaws are designed for an expanded dovetail grip on footed bowls and projects in the 14" range.

The 130mm Dovetail Jaws are designed to handle larger shallow bowl and platter work up to 20" in diameter. They are ideal jaws for the SuperNova2 chuck.

Code Name Price  
113110 Nova 25mm Dovetail Jaws $64.99
113111 Nova 35mm Dovetail Jaws $53.99
113112 Nova 50mm Dovetail Jaws $63.99
113113 Nova 75mm Dovetail Jaws $80.99
113114 Nova 100mm Dovetail Jaws $68.99
113115 Nova 130mm Dovetail Jaws $82.99
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