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Termite Multi-Tip Ring Tool

This tool is a ring tool that can hollow into end grain so fast, the manufacturer in Canada calls it the "Termite." The Termite can leave a very smooth cut that requires little sanding. While the Termite Tool is very useful in hollowing of boxes, goblets and hollow vessels, it can also be used for bowls.

The Termite comes with two specially designed interchangeable M4 high speed steel cutters that are held securely in a 7" long by 1/2" diameter steel tool shank with a set screw. The #1 Termite cutter measures 3/8" in diameter while the #2 Termite cutter is 1/2" in diameter. A larger optional #3 Termite cutter, which measures 5/8" in diameter, is available for removing more wood per pass.

The Termite comes with a grinding point that is held in a router to sharpen the cutters. This is easily done with the Sharpening Fixture that is included. The inside bevel of the cutter is easily sharpened by rotating the cutter around the grinding point. It is then flipped over to sharpen the other side.

The Termite has a 13" long hardwood handle and overall tool length measures 21". Instructions for using and sharpening the tool are included.

Now available is a heavier 5/8" diameter Heavy Duty Shank to hold termite cutters in deeper hollowing situations. The user can make the handle or the Hosaluk Style handle may be used.

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