Sorby Patriot Chuck

The Patriot is a precision 4-Jaw self-centering scroll chuck made in England by Robert Sorby. The chuck uses a single tilt-away wrench that allows even larger workpieces to be tightened easily. The design of the gearing insures smooth jaw travel for the life of the chuck. A wide range of optional jaws are available.

The Patriot Chuck includes 2 (50mm) jaws that feature a smooth dovetail on the inside and outside. The lower section of the inside has serrations for a better grip on larger workpieces. The 2 Jaws will hold:

Grips: 1-9/16 (42mm) to 2-5/16 (67mm) Expands: 2 (50mm) to 3 (76mm)

This chuck features:

  • 4" Diameter with enclosed back
  • 4-Jaw Self-Centering Scroll Action
  • Precision machining for smooth operation
  • Single Key tightening with Tilt-Away wrench design for larger work pieces
  • Unique Rubber Guard protects the operator
  • Gearing make a secure grip easy to achieve
  • Includes Screw Center for mounting a work using a single pilot 11/32" hole
  • Weight: 4-1/4 pounds

The Patriot Chuck comes standard with a screw center that permits mounting a workpiece easily with an 11/32 diameter pilot hole.

The body of the 33mm Patriot Chuck is threaded directly to fit a 33mm x 3.5 lathe spindle only. This version of the chuck does not use an insert, unlike both the Standard Patriot Chuck and the Compatriot Chuck.

Code Name Price  
118710 Sorby Patriot Chuck - No Insert $219.95
118710BO Body Only - Sorby Compatriot Chuck $159.95
118711A 5/8" Plain Patriot Insert $24.95
118711C 3/4" x 16 Patriot Insert $24.95
118711D 1" x 8 Patriot Insert $24.95
118711G 1" x 12 Patriot Insert $24.95
118711J 1-1/4" x 8 Patriot Insert $24.95
118712 Patriot 1" (25mm) Jaws $47.95
118713 Patriot 1-3/8" (35mm) Jaws $52.95
118714 Patriot 2-3/4" (70mm) Dovetail Jaws $69.95
118715 Patriot 3-1/2" (89mm) Dovetail Jaws $89.95
118716 Patriot 4-1/4" (108mm) Dovetail Jaws $79.95
118719 Patriot 4-1/4" (108mm) Deep Grip Jaws $79.95
118717 Patriot 1" (25mm) Pin Jaws $63.95
118718 Patriot 2" (50mm) Long Nose Jaws $89.95
118720 Patriot Bowl Jaws $89.95
118721 Patriot Custom Jaws $31.95
118723 Patriot 80mm Faceplate Ring $25.95
118724 Patriot 120mm Faceplate Ring $29.95
118729 Patriot Mini Screw Chuck $29.95

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