Sorby Pen Drilling Jaws

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Sorby Pen Drilling Jaws

The Pen Jaws allow for easier and more controlled drilling of pen blanks. A V groove in each of the two jaws ensures a more secure and firmer grip, allowing for more accurate drilling. The two jaws are quickly and easily mounted onto the chuck in place of the standard jaws. To operate, simply mount a drill chuck into the tail stock of your lathe with a drill bit, slide up the drill bit to the pen blank mounted in the pen jaws. Lock down the tail stock and advance the drill by turning the hand wheel on the tailstock, making sure to back out to clear the chips when needed. The jaws are 2-1/4" deep.

These jaws will fit the Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck or the Nova Supernova2, G3 or Midi Chucks.

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