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Oneway Chucks

These chucks are made by Oneway Manufacturing in Canada. All the chucks feature a hardened self-centering scroll and sliding jaws for long term accuracy. The body of each chuck is nickel plated to protect it from rust and wear. Work pieces can be held by contracting on a tenon (spigot) or by expanding into a dovetail recess turned on the wood.

The patented profile jaws have a special shape and serrations to give maximum gripping power on a spigot (tenon). A taper-lock adaptor (purchased separately) fits into the back of each chuck and may be changed to use the chuck on a different lathe spindle size. Each chuck comes with a screw center that allows a work piece to be held by drilling a 3/8" x 3/4" deep hole in it and threading onto the chuck. The screw is designed not to twist during use.

We offer a wide range of optional top jaws for each chuck.